email marketing

Full House Media is a marketing agency that understands the value of our clients’ investments. Our clients often tell us that their e-mail database is their most valuable investment. In addition, our clients understand that the success of almost all of their marketing campaigns relies on email marketing to achieve a positive return on investment for these additional channels.

Using e-mail marketing to reach new customers, retain customers, re-engage in “cold” conversations and increase additional / re-purchases is key to our customers’ business.

Optimizing these initiatives brings additional revenue to future marketers and makes additional marketing channels sustainable.

How we do it?

Technical integration

Our clients invest a lot of money in e-mail before they even think about the marketing money they spent on buying a subscriber database and the like.

Typically, our customers pay for tools and services from their e-mail service provider that they do not use in full. Full House Media understands that integrations require expertise and commitment to configure everything properly. We remove worries and hassles about managing the technical setup process if you ensure that everything is connected to enable a truly authentic and personalized inter-channel marketing experience that is optimized at every step of the user’s “journey”.

Full Service E-mail Management

With our Full-Service e-mail management, our clients deviate from everything needed for their e-mail marketing initiatives, except for those for whom they want to provide guidance. Full House Media is responsible for end-to-end strategy, implementation of all emails, testing, reporting, monitoring and optimization. The first step is to conduct a comprehensive email audit that we use to develop priority optimization maps to get started as soon as possible. With the constant insights and guidance of our clients, we optimize every component of your email campaigns with knowledge mixed with a decade of digital marketing experience and a constant desire to continually improve and creatively test new and innovative strategies.

Comprehensive email audit

Do you know that it is easier to solve labyrinths backwards?

Therefore, with our email marketing audit, we start from the end. We articulate a vision of what your email marketing should be like, and then dig deep into yours.

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