Profi Plan


The professional plan was created for people and companies who understood the importance of the internet presentation for modern business and decided to invest in it, thinking about how much they will earn and the number of new clients.

By choosing this plan, you undoubtedly leave your clients with the impression of a professional approach to business, which certainly contributes to the greater credibility of your name and brand.

Sites created through the PROFI PLAN of development contain modern IT achievements. Profi sites are a great business tool. Created in this way, filled with relevant content and advanced site search, they position themselves faster and better on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing …).

The professional plan meets the conditions and requirements of all activities and occupations, and is especially intended for:

  • Web portals, web magazines
  • Web shops
  • Great sports centers, clubs and federations
  • Travel agencies, shopping malls, large health centers and hospitals

What do you get in the PROFI PLAN of website development?

  • Free domain and hosting for the first year of lease
  • You get an interactive and dynamic site, with 12+ pages
  • A large number of dynamic elements that will give a professional look to the site
  • The site is made in CMS, and in support of this we create a detailed guide with which you can quickly and easily update the content of the site whenever you want.
  • Unlimited number of photos and short shots on the pages
  • If you want multilingual site, creating and entering content for each additional language is charged 100 € +. If you want an English translation, the price is 10 € per A4 page of text, or 1200 characters
  • The deadline for processing the material, designing the site and uploading it to the Internet server is 15-20 days. As soon as the site is set up, you can view it online and make suggestions for changes. The final version of the site comes only when you are completely satisfied with its appearance and function.
  • After setting up the site online, we report it to all world-famous search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing …). As part of this, we provide a completely free service of basic “on page” SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Ability to leave free space for banners if you plan to place ads on your site and thus earn extra. Depending on your wishes, we can register your site on the “Google Adsense” service and through this service you can make additional income.
  • We provide you with an insight into the complete and most detailed analysis of your site traffic. We offer daily, weekly, monthly and annual traffic analysis, examining and discovering profiles of visitors, how much time they spend on the site and how often they return, and much more.
  • We also make the original logo for you, if you do not already have it or want to redesign the existing one, completely free of charge, with which we design and make an advertising banner for free that you can use for advertising on social networks and other sites.

If you do not have time or just want to leave it to professionals, we offer a service of updating and maintaining the site. The price of this service depends on the dynamics of maintenance and the amount of variable content. It is formed on the basis of the required number of working hours. As our client, for the maintenance of the site you get a 50% discount and the possibility of agreeing on the dynamics of payment, while the maintenance of sites that we have not created is charged 10 € per working hour of the developer.