Social media marketing

Full House Media helps brands in various aspects of their social media marketing strategy by using services based on social strategy results, content creation, community management, paid advertising through marketing campaigns, influencer marketing… Full House Media records, products, images, composes, designs and writes all the social media content of its clients and thus creates an authentic display of your brand.

Services we offer in the package:

  • Social media management services
  • Advertising services on social networks
  • Facebook / Instagram page optimization services

We divided the management of social networks into 5 steps:

  • Full House Media Manager takes on the role of dedicated manager of your account
  • We are developing a social media management strategy specific to your business
  • We develop content and ad calendars
  • Growth optimization and daily maintenance
  • Reporting and communication


The Full House Media agency team is dedicated to finding a billing model that works for both our clients and Full House Media. The price can be determined through a fixed fee, through an increase in consumption or a dynamic pricing model based on the achieved levels of performance.

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