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Starter site – Price 299 € The best plan from the Full House Media offer for website development is the Starter plan. It is prepared to meet the needs of clients whose business does not require a large number of pages for a web presentation. The starter plan is intended for those clients for whom investing in online promotion and positioning on the Internet is currently not a priority in marketing activities.

We would like to mention that the sites that include the Starter plan do not lag behind those of the “larger” packages, but the difference is mainly in the size of the site (number of pages and add-ons), as well as in design, and its complexity.

In the following text, we will list the activities that most often choose the Starter Package option:

  • Small foundations and associations
  • Fast food stores
  • Activities that are important to present their product through a picture gallery: children’s playrooms, night clubs, painting galleries, photo shops…
  • Shops and salons for a small number of services: spas, gyms, hairdressers, shoemakers, florists, foreign language schools

What does the Starter PLAN of site development include?

  • Web presentation up to 3 pages.
  • Creating instructions that will help you quickly and easily update the content of the site in the future.
  • The number of photos and short videos on the site is not limited.
  • Within 1-3 days, the material is processed, the site is designed, created and uploaded to the Internet server. As soon as the site is set up, it is available for review and then you can give us suggestions for changes. The creation of the site is officially completed when you are completely satisfied with the entire site.
  • Creating a multilingual site is an add-on and costs € 49 for each additional language. If you want us to translate into English, the price is 8 € per A4 page of text, or 1200 characters.
  • After the site is finally set up, we report it to all world-famous search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing ().
  • STARTER PLAN includes basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


  • Creating the original logo of your company. The price depends on the complexity of the logo, with which we design and create visuals for free in all dimensions that you can use for advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Google ads, banners on sites)
  • Updating and maintaining the site. The price depends on the dynamics of maintenance and the amount of content. As our client, for the maintenance of the site in the first year you get a 50% discount and the ability to agree on the dynamics of payment.